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The “Oh No! You Sank My Battleship” Menu Burger Challenge

50 Eating Challenges You Should Try (If You Dare) In Every American State! Fox and Hound has been selected for Nevada by TripAdvisors company.

The Menu Burger is a combination of all the Fox and Hound favorites, starting with a personal pepperoni pizza, a healthly portion of BBQ pulled pork, a couple fried eggs, a juicy bacon cheeseburger, chili cheese garlic fries, and a bun … then, stacked with Philly cheesesteak and a teriyaki chicken sandwich with pineapple and jalapenos under the top bun … and, finally, complimented with a side of six hot wings … oh, and a healthy side salad.

Weighing in at 4lbs, this challenge is sure to put your eating skills to the test!

Finish the burger in 60 minutes or less and it’s free. (The memory is free either way!) Plus you’ll receive a free t-shirt and bragging rights.

Sorry, no food substitutions.

Hall Of Fame

Current Title Holder

Molly Schuyler

#1 ranked female competitive eater in the world during challenge. 

3 Mins 22 Sec .44

Past Title Holders:

Max Carnage
Max Carnage


The Hudak
The Hudak


The Big Deal
The Big Deal


The Boston Strangler
The Boston Strangler


Honorable Mentions

Burger Featured on

Man Vs. Food Season 6, Episode 7

Lake Tahoe provides a stunning, scenic backdrop as Casey Webb explores the area’s best eats and finds a complete dinner in a bun, a Greek comfort food staple, and a fearsome, 4-pound feast in the Menu Burger Challenge.